I use to be the person who was ALWAYS early to everything because it stressed me out to run even close to being late. People that ran late would irritate me…

Well, I am now the person who USE to irritate me. I don’t exactly run late to everything, but I do cut it close… every time… ESPECIALLY to work. BUTTTTTT listen! I open Gold’s Gym 4/7 days every week. Which means I have to be there at 4:45am. YES, in the morning! So do you see why I cut it close now? Having to wake up at 4AM is not the easiest thing to do for a gal like me…. (loves her sleep).

Since it is most mornings that I have very little time to get ready, I thought a post about my go-to products when I’m in a hurry was a really relevant post, haha!

Unless I have something the previous day that requires me to do my hair, then I normally shower & wash my hair every day!

Most mornings go like this:

  1. First alarm goes off at 4:00am & I hit snooze at least 3 times (bad I know).
  2. So by the time I actually get up, I immediately turn on the shower & brush my teeth while I wait for it to warm up.
  3. After I shower quickly (wash my hair & all), I dry off & put my hair up in a towel while I do a quick face care routine which involves only these few products:

–  I apply the toner while my pores are still open. Immediately after applying the toner, I apply Vitamin C serum all over my face & neck.

4. While giving the serum time to dry, I take my hair out of the towel & lather it with Detangler spray. I brush out my hair & then put it up in a somewhat tight (librarian) bun.

5. Then I will quickly apply lotion before putting my work clothes on & getting what I need for the day ready to go.

6. Lastly, I will put on the pore eraser, lip balm, mascara, & be walking out the door!

All of that takes me around 20 minutes which leaves me 10ish minutes to get to work!



Published by Dalis Paige

29 year old business owner, fitness model, entrepreneur, personal trainer, nutritional therapist, mental health fighter, & trivia nerd. | Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science | Certifications: •Nutritional Therapist •Personal Trainer •CPR | Agency Represented Model: • The Block Agency • Michele & Group • PUSH Models ------------------------------ RIP Mommy & Brother

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