1. Cliche start but… JUST DO IT. Get up. Get started. That is truly the hardest part!
  2. Write stuff down. Write your ULTIMATE goal(s), your daily goals, the steps to take in order to achieve them, & any other random thoughts you have throughout the day that goes along with them
  3. Create Visual Reminders. Whether it be putting together a “vision board” or cutting out pictures from your favorite magazine, be sure to hang up things that will remind you why you started in the areas of your home that you will see most often.
  4. Tell people. Letting those you’re closest to know you’ve set a goal will possibly help to keep encouragement flowing daily. It will also hopefully help limit distractions & temptations they might’ve thrown at you if they didn’t know about your goal.
  5. Make a “happy” playlist. Add your favorite mood-boosting songs to your daily playlist so it will keep your energy & motivation on point!stil-326684
  6. Look for support: blogs, facebook groups, youtube channels, or any other social forums that are related to your goal. This will help in reminding you that you’re not alone on this journey & even possibly answer questions you might have along the way!
  7. Set daily reminders on your phone. Throw in a few motivational quotes to give you a little boost throughout the day!
  8. Clean/Declutter. A clean, stress-free environment is key. Clear space=Clear thoughts.
  9. Be KIND to yourself. The quickest way to fail is being too hard on yourself. Realize that it’s a JOURNEY, not a day trip. If you slip up, get UP. Don’t you dare give up.
  10. Reflect. When you’re winding down at the end of the day, write down a few things you did that day to get you closer to your goal & a few things that you could’ve done better. Leave that list by your bed & glance at it when you wake up. It’ll be a little REMINDER of what you’re going to improve that day!

Published by Dalis Paige

29 year old business owner, fitness model, entrepreneur, personal trainer, nutritional therapist, mental health fighter, & trivia nerd. | Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science | Certifications: •Nutritional Therapist •Personal Trainer •CPR | Agency Represented Model: • The Block Agency • Michele & Group • PUSH Models ------------------------------ RIP Mommy & Brother

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