The man behind “TRD Photography”, Ricky Davis, has become one of my good friends over the past couple of years since we have worked so much together. He had an amazing idea to do a “Kitchen Scene” photo shoot and submit it to Arsenic Magazine to see if they would publish it.

The story behind the scene is basically how many people, including myself, do many normal daily tasks naked when they are at home alone. Arsenic Magazine liked them and feautured them on their site! I am really excited about it.

Now ladies, I know I am not the only one who cooks naked, haha.  Owen, my cat, decided he wanted to partake in the photo shoot too. With out planning it, we got a cute picture of me picking him up to move him out of the way. Ricky decided to submit that picture for fun and Arsenic actually posted it in our “Kitchen Scene” gallery! I love it, haha!


Published by Dalis Paige

29 year old business owner, fitness model, entrepreneur, personal trainer, nutritional therapist, mental health fighter, & trivia nerd. | Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science | Certifications: •Nutritional Therapist •Personal Trainer •CPR | Agency Represented Model: • The Block Agency • Michele & Group • PUSH Models ------------------------------ RIP Mommy & Brother

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